Magnetic Therapy – Whats it all about?

There is allot of talk about Magnetic Therapy and it’s natural healing power. You have probably heard about or have seen someone wearing a magnetic therapy device of some sort. One particular product that comes to mind is the magnetic bracelet. In addition to magnetic bracelets there are many other types of magnetic therapy products all of which claim to provide a natural stimulus to relieve or cure health problems. But do they really have the power to reduce pain,Magnetic Therapy – Whats it all about? Articles heal various ailments and improve your immune system as claimed?

Magnetic Therapy Defined
Magnetic therapy is an alternative health solution involving the stimulation of the body with magnetic fields from electromagnetic devices or permanent static magnets for purported health benefits. Practitioners claim that subjecting certain parts of the body to magnetic fields has beneficial health effects. Typically common health ailments such as pain, allergies, dermatology issues, and other health issues can be treated.

Magnetic Principle and Healing
All life, be it plant life, animal life or human life, exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the earth. We live on a big magnet called the earth and every individual on the earth is exposed to and has benefited from the earth’s natural magnetic energy fields. Magnetism is healthy and necessary to sustain life on earth. I wonder what the earth and for that matter humans, would be like without magnetism? Magnetic Therapy is based on this principle of nature and uses the natural healing characteristics of magnetism to promote health and wellness by providing the stimulus for self healing. It should be made clear that Practitioners state using magnetic cryotherapy machines for sale therapy does not heal or cure; rather using magnetic energy provides the body with the necessary ingredients it needs to repair or heal its self.

Static Verses Dynamic Magnetic Therapy
There are two basic types of magnetic therapy, static and dynamic. Static magnetism can be thought of as the type of magnetism that is associated with a standard metallic magnet. A horseshoe magnet or steel magnet we played with as kids have a static magnetic field. This type of magnetic field is ever present and constant; however over time a static magnetic field can weaken and may be completely diminished by mishandling. This form of magnetism is used for bracelets, jewelry, body wraps, shoe insoles etc. While manufacturers of static magnetic products claim many health benefits, this form of magnetic therapy is not as beneficial or therapeutic as dynamic magnetic therapy.

Dynamic magnetic therapy is an application of magnetism where the magnetic field is controlled in a manner that causes the magnetic field to energize and de-energize. This form of magnetism otherwise known as electromagnetism or pulsed magnetics is controlled by an electronic powered device. There is an additional therapeutic advantage from electromagnetism that static magnetic therapy devices cannot achieve. The primary benefit from a dynamic or pulsating magnetic field is that an electric current can be caused to flow within a conductive pathway. In the human body this pathway is formed by the connecting cells within our body. The electric current flow provides a natural stimulation within cell tissue that has a far greater health benefit over static magnetic devices. The current flow assists the body to naturally heal itself by improving our natural immunity to illness and disease.